Going... Going... Gone.

Many of you may have probably noticed during the last couple of months that I haven’t been updating DoroughLove as often as I used to… well… I’ve been thinking about these 3 possibilities:

  • I keep working on it once in a while;
  • I take an undetermined break from working on it;
  • I simply delete it.


For about 2 years and a half, it’s been a real pleasure for me to work on this site, keeping the fans updated about Howie, Leigh and the little family, but I can’t really explain why, since the past 6 months or so, my motivation to keep the site updated regularly has been a lot lower than it used to be… it’s not Howie’s fault, or any other fans’ fault. I’ve got nothing against Howie fans (being one myself, of course ;)), and I still adore Howie as much as I did when I started this site in October 2009, but I feel like I don’t really need this site to show how much I love him & his work, as a solo artist or with the Backstreet Boys.


After taking long time thinking about the 3 possibilities mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to close the site for good.


Before I do, I’d like to thank you, the fans, visitors & site members, for your support for the site during those 3 years. I’d like to thank also each of you who have sent pictures of or with Howie, Leigh, James & the Backstreet Boys.


I’d like to thank of course Howie & Leigh (even though they probably won’t see it lol), just for being one amazing couple and simply for giving me the inspiration to create this site.


Once again, thank you all for your love & support!


Caroline xx